Adagio Tea Review

 Thank-you Adagio tea's for sending me some quality tea to review.   I was not paid for this review so all opinions expressed are 100% mine.  Now I have to be honest shortly before my tea arrived I had a friend visit that brought her tea collection from England.   So comparing I will have to do!   

In the famous poem 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock', T.S. Eliot wrote, 'Do I dare to eat a peach?' The literary-minded folks at Adagio have taken it upon themselves to provide Mr. Eliot with an answer: why not just steep a cup of our bright Ceylon black tea flavored with sweet peaches? Delightful peach-nectar fragrance, lingering floral aromas as you sip, pleasant astringency and 'peach fuzz' dryness. Simply peachy... 

 The first tea I tried was the candy apple flavor and the peach flavor.   Both of these are loose leaf teas that will not disappoint!   I love them both the flavors are full and fruity.   I am a huge fan of the fruity teas and this quality loose leaf tea is going to get ordered again.   Both the candy apple and peach tea surpassed my expectation and I think it was much better then the tea I had from England!   WOOT... which means the price is much better.  

Adagio's bestselling Mango black tea blend combines the citrusy quality of fine Ceylon black tea with the flavor of perfectly ripened mangoes. Juicy texture, creamy-dry finish with great floral aromatics and candy sweetness. 

Just look at the huge pieces of fruit in this tea!  I am loving how many pieces of fruit are in the bag too, I know I can have fruit with every cup I make.   Each cup of tea only requires a teaspoon of the tea.  The 3 ounce bag I got should last for some time.  

After these tasty fruity teas it was hard to transition over to the matcha tea.   Matcha tea has a much different flavor, more of an earthy flavor. I did get the matcha tea that was flavored with peach and raspberry.  It is something that will take me longer to get used to as it is hard to keep it all mixed up together so my last few sips were very gritty and hard to swallow.   I now try to shake it up good and get it all mixed better.  Adagio now  has five different flavors of their matcha teas.