BasketBox Review


Wow. BasketBox has changed over the years. Some of you may remember our CD/DVD gift boxes. Yep, when they were in style. Then came our creative nuts and fruit gift boxes. That was a blast. Now, here we are with unique hometown apparel and gifts coupled with delicious truffles. What a great combination!


We all come from a unique place in the world where we are born and raised, which becomes home. You’ll never change that. What does change for some of us is our desire to leave the nest and comfort of home and explore other locations that we adopt as our new hometown. BasketBox is dedicated to promoting and exploring the unique cities and states we call home in our demonyn style apparel and gifts, which inspire conversation, bring back memories and are statements of pride.


Growing up and struggling to understand basic language skills, reading comprehension, and arithmetic is a silent disease that deserves more support. Each BasketBox order supports the International Dyslexia Association, a non-profit that provides research, education and outreach programs around the world to help those that need dyslexia support and treatment. A portion of each order goes to the IDA to continue to support early detection and remediation of dyslexia. Dyslexia causes reading failure and illiteracy, that can hinder the potential of children and adults to contribute successfully to society. 


BasketBox, first created in 2003 by Emmanuel Sullivan, who is a serial entrepreneur, author, and creative nerd; born and raised in the Emerald city Seattle. His crazy love for traveling and geography has shipped him around the country to various cities where he has called home several times. Each city has inspired wonder and adventure. With that in mind, BasketBox was reborn to explore the Demonym in all of us. Stay in touch and tell me where you're from, I'd love to chat, please contact me here.

My Review: 

BasketBox is a very neat company as you can read above.  They sell t-shirts, pillows, mugs, onesies, and so much more! 

First comment on the t-shirt needs to be the softness!   It is so comfy and soft which I adore! I think it is my new favorite shirt!   Now many of you know I live in Iowa but did you know I was born and raised in Wisconsin?   I will always stay true to my roots as I cheer on my Packers and Badgers!  

The many products that BasketBox has would make great gifts to anyone who has been traveling or moving to a new state.    

Thanks BasketBox for sending me this t-shirt for free in exchange for an honest review.   I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are mine.  


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