You Need To See These Top Tips For Hosting A Successful Play Date!

When your child decides they want a friend over after school, you can often end up going into panic mode. It’s hard enough to sort everything out in the afternoon for your little one, let alone another kid or two! But a playdate can be a really fun and social event for your child. Therefore, here’s some top tips for hosting a successful play date!

Make sure you get the parent's contact details

If you have decided that it’s okay for your child to have the kid over, make sure you find out who the parent is at the school gates. You will need to discuss the idea of having them over, and who will be picking up and dropping the child off after. It’s vital you get a phone number for them, and address, even if they are picking the child up after. You never know what could happen, and therefore, you need their details for an emergency. Also, it would be good to discuss what activities you are planning to do with the kids, just in case they have any strict views. Also, check if the child has any allergies or conditions which you need to know about.

Keep them entertained with activities

Before the child arrives, you should decide which activities you will be doing to entertain your child and their guest. It might be fun to do some crafts or even some cooking with them both. Or they might just have a good time playing with their toys. Here’re some more ideas for activities if you are stuck. If the day is sunny, you could head outdoors as there is a lot they could do out there to keep them busy. Trampolines always go down well for more than one child, and you can check out the best trampoline here. Or you could even have a game of cricket or football to entertain them!

Provide them with food

Children love to eat, and a vital part of a play date is eating some food! Even if they are not staying for tea,  as discussed here, you should provide some snacks such as popcorn, or fruit to keep their moods up. If you decide to cook some dinner, make sure you buy all the ingredients in advance, and ask the parent of the child what they like to eat! And don’t forget to check up on them while you are cooking.

Don’t clean before

Your house is bound to get messy when you have a child over to play. Therefore, you should only give the rooms a quick tidy before they come over. As this article discusses, you can shut the doors to any messy rooms if the parent is picking them up after. You will only end up tiring yourself out by sorting everything before, and then doing it again later!

Remember, the most important thing is that your child and their friend have a lot of fun. So don’t stress too much, and they will receive an invite over there before long!