4 Ways to Amp up Your Home

4 Ways to Amp up Your Home’s Style
You home is your sanctuary—a place you come home to every day after work—where you can lay back, relax, and read a good book. Perhaps you’ve done your best at achieving a look that’s pleasing to the eye, but you still feel like your home is lacking style. Instead of allowing your home to look like everyone else’s, it’s time to incorporate new colors, texture, and art. With a new look, you can feel proud of your space, and feel even more at home, too.
Unique lighting
Having the proper lighting is everything. Invest in a striking table lamp that’s made from a unique shape, such as a repurposed bottle. A neon bulb may be just what you need to create a modern industrial vibe. The shade of your table lamp can be colorful too – consider flattering shades that come in amber, violet, or blue or get one of each and swap them out depending on your mood.
Forget the carpet
Forget the carpet and streamline your home’s look by incorporating quality vinyl flooring that’ll stand the test of time. In fact, vinyl flooring comes in a variety of modern looking designs and colors, including a traditional wood grain finish. Virgin vinyl makes vinyl floors structurally sound, and changes in temperature and moisture levels won’t affect vinyl floors. If you’re concerned about water in a bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, or living room, for example, vinyl floors would be an ideal choice. They are perfect to incorporate into spaces where water could potentially be a risk.
Creative walling
If you love to travel, take your wall décor up a notch with a giant sized paper or felt map. You can pin photos and souvenirs over the places you visit and look at the map whenever you feel an urge to take off and travel the world. You may also want to consider framing some of your best travel photos and creating a large photo frame collage with multiple photos. You can start this project on the opposing wall or in a library where all of your travel books are situated. There you’ll have a travel puzzle all over the wall that’s both stylish and you.
Rethink flea market finds
Cherish the old wooden crates you found at your local flea market by turning them into chic furnishings. Turn one on its end to create an instant end table or add a cushion to the top to create a comfy footstool. It would look great on your deck or by a desk when you need to put your feet up!

Find objects that fit your style preference and that have beautiful silhouettes to use as an end table. Think crates, urns, or sewing machine bases. After you have set up your end table find a vase with charisma and flowers that match the colors in the room. Of course, don’t forget to place your favorite book next to a tea cup to set the right mood.


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