5 Cozy Country Cottage Decor Ideas for Winter

Do you love the look of the countryside? How would you like to wake up every day to the beautiful décor of a country cottage? The serene atmosphere that the county brings is breathtaking and cozy. When the winter season is in full force, having a cozy and warm cottage can make you feel comfortable and at home. Enjoy these design ideas that will have your Maine winter vacation rentals themed and decorated in no time at all. 

The Look of Nature

Country cottages are known for their charm and comforting style. A look of nature with a simplistic design is one that charms the socks off of guests. Distressed wood and a little bit of winter foliage adds the perfect touch to any home décor wishing to pull accents in from nature. For the winter season, take a hike and bring home some weathered twigs, pine cones and grass fronds. A few strategic arrangements will make for a warm, nesting environment. Browse the dried flower aisle in your local craft store for interesting shapes and colors to fill up some wicker baskets. Try the soft red of dried pomegranates or dried oranges to bring that pop of color to the basket.

Warm up that Classic Cottage White

White may be the classic cottage interior, but it’s cold cold cold in the winter. When you are trying to give the illusion of warmth, having darker colors and red hues will provide you with a warming look. Put away the bright summer accents and replace them with warm reds and browns. Adding rustic colored pillows, quilts and cozy throws will go a long way towards chasing the cold away. Chairs and couches should all have a soft colored something to nestle into. Slipcovers and small throw rugs are another good way to introduce warm colors. Don’t worry about matching every last thing; cozy cottages are all about the mix of colors and patterns.

Make the Fireplace the Focal Point

This is probably a given, but when it’s cold outdoors there’s nothing anyone wants more than to sit by a warm fire with a cup of hot cocoa. Rearrange your furniture to center on the fireplace, or create a cozy nook with a comfy chair, small side table and soft light. If you don’t have a fireplace in your cottage, purchasing a portable fireplace can help provide a similar ambience. Electric fireplaces are available in a wide range of styles, including many that mimic a wood-stove – perfect for the cozy cottage feel that you’re looking for. 

Soft Glow and Welcoming Scents

Living in a cottage style home and decorating it appropriately is all about making it feel comfortable and welcoming. Scented candles add a smooth but subtle glow and there’s nothing better than the scent of warm cinnamon and cloves to welcome guests in from the cold. For rental cottages, flameless LED candles and essential oil diffusers offer the same welcoming feel without the worry of mishandled candles. 


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