Book Review: "Read with Me Bible"

Featuring playful, action-packed art by beloved illustrator Dennis Jones, The Read with Me Bible for Little Ones contains eight best-loved Bible stories in simple language toddlers can understand.

My Review:
The pictures really catch your attention first, they are very funny and joyful looking which is different than most bible story books!  

This Bible is geared for toddlers and it shares 8 stories that are your typical stories for that age group.   Each story only takes a couple minutes so the book can easily be read quickly before bed each night!   The language is simple for your toddler to understand so if you did read it often they will probably be able to tell you the story each night.  

Thanks Zondervan for sending me this book to review as part of the ZBlog Squad Review Crew.   I am blessed to be a part of this team to relieve free copies of books in exchange for an honest review.   I will also add that I have been able to use these books as wonderful giveaways at my kids church events!  My hope is that each child who comes through the doors will have a book to take home with them!  


LaToria said…
Awesome! Where Can I Find this Book. Be sure To Stop By And Show Some Love!

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