How To Help Your Kid Thrive At School


For the first months of their life, your child is your responsibility. You care for them and feed them and love them. This sets the foundations for the rest of their life. Once they reach a certain age, however, it is time for them to go to school. They are no longer only your responsibility, but a group of teachers, and other children. So, once they reach this stage, how can you ensure that they continue to thrive?

First off, it’s so important that your kids understands why they are going to school, and why they must work hard. How you choose to express this is up to you, but it needs to be done. Often, once they start, children love school, especially preschools and nurseries. They get to spend their days with their friends, playing games. It’s a great starting point to get them ready for ‘big school’ and more complex subjects. They get to express their creativity, and learn skills, and play sports. Be sure to ask them lots of questions about what they have done with their day. Even if they can’t see it themselves, there will be valuable lessons in everything they’ve been doing that day.

Keep an open dialogue with their teachers. Make sure they know that you can be contacted anytime, about anything. A good relationship between you and your kid’s teachers serves everybody well. It will allow you to know what your child is excelling at, and what they deserve praise for. It also means you will quickly but alerted to any areas your child is struggling with.

One experience that many children have at some stage in their school career is bullying. Bullying can really stop a child from thriving at school. In fact, it could make them want to stop going altogether. Parents of bullied children will tell you that facing the problem head on is the only way to deal with it. Ignoring it and hoping it goes away is futile; it won’t. This is yet another reason why open dialogue between you and the school staff is so useful. They can advise you honestly about the best route for fixing the problem. Doing this will have your kid smiling and happy again in no time, and able to concentrate on school.

When summer rolls around, your kid will probably get some time off. Don’t let this mean that they get time off from learning too. Going to the local library and picking out some books will help with their literacy. Visiting a museum can help with their knowledge of science, or history. Going traveling is a great way to teach them about different languages, and cultures, and even geography. Plus, throughout the summer, be sure they keep working on the areas they still need to strengthen. Using those weeks wisely can greatly influence your child, and for the better! They will thrive the next academic year if you keep their learning up during the summer. At Christmas, teach them about generosity. Learning isn’t just about facts and figures, after all!


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