Newborns bring lot more than joy only – 3 things that you won’t like!

Newborns are a bundle of joy –there is no doubt about that. But they come with a lot of other emotions too. Although everybody around you like to prepare you for what’s coming, but no one can ever put into words what it like is to be a parent to an infant for the first time.
I am a father to a baby girl. She is now six months old. We are pretty used to her now – I and my wife. But the first six months were a roller coaster for sure. I know each parent is different and so is every baby but if we are to summarize general emotions or feelings of being a new parent than following mentioned aspects will fall into the universal category.
There is no parent on planet earth who hasn’t felt the following ride of sensations during their early days of parenthood. Here we go;

Sleep deprivation – no baby bedding can make your child sleep

We have heard so many stories about sleep that during the baby preparations and shopping, our major focus was to create a perfect sleeping environment for baby. We did a lot of things which includes changing the color of our room, installing new lights, buying new bed sheets, white noise machine and what not.
Another interesting idea that I experimented with was to buy some finest baby bedding from a very popular baby store to make a comfortable nest for my baby girl to sleep. On the other side, IZZZ can be a good alternate to buy baby bedding in Australia.
However, the end of all these preparations was nothing. She did not sleep (even baby bedding didn’t work) and we didn’t sleep either. The worst punishment you can give any living and breathing human being is sleep deprivation. I went through it for quite a while.

Exhaustion – even if you manage naps throughout the day

Although I wasn’t looking after my newborn full time, I had taken a month off from work to enjoy being a father. During that month, I and my wife had a little schedule to where she would take care of our daughter and I would sleep and vice versa.
I think we managed a pretty good timetable; still the exhaustion was very much there. It used to feel like I have been the doing physical work for days and there is no limit to it.

Unpreparedness – no matter how much you have prepared

I have told you how much we prepared for the kid but even after so much fussing around, we felt like we haven’t prepared enough. There used to be a new situation every day which we never anticipated. One day we wouldn’t know how to do the pamper, next day we will be suffering with the pump and the list continues.

It is actually very disappointing when you have geared up for being a parent with all your heart and then you fail really badly at simplest of the things but hey, that's what it is like to be a new parent.