Some of the Best Kept Italian Cooking Secrets: A Gourmet Guide to Cheese

Wine, chocolate, and cheese are some of the most delicious foods around the world, and it takes a certain amount of knowledge to be able to speak intelligently about all of them. The best way to gain that knowledge is through tasting, determining what you like, and then learning the process for how that chocolate, wine, or cheese is made.

The wonderful thing about Italian food is that all its flavor, diversity, and richness can be traced back to the ingredients and the method by which it’s prepared. Food preparation combines both science and art, which you can luckily learn how to master during your stay in Italy. Cooking tours in Italy will educate you on what you need to know and reveal some best-kept Italian cooking secrets along the way. Specifically, here are a few interesting facts about Italian cheese. 

The cheeses we all know and love
Cheese is the fabric of many wonderful Italian dishes, and we are all familiar with the two most popular: Parmesan and Ricotta. We all know the Parmesan is delicious grated over pasta dishes, pizza, or asparagus – there’s a reason it’s known as the King of Cheese. This reliable staple takes on new life when flakes are added to a zesty spinach salad, or it’s sprinkled atop baked pears.

You can definitely also teach an old cheese new tricks and Ricotta is no exception. This staple cheese isn’t just for lasagna anymore. It’s the perfect topping for crusty bread, drizzled with olive oil and topped with chopped tomatoes or even figs.

Gorgonzola, your new BFF
Gorgonzola has two varieties: soft and aged. The soft cheese resembles brie in texture but hardens and crumbles as it ages. It has a sharp flavor, full of garlic and pepper but with the creamy, lush texture of cheese. Gorgonzola is best paired with sweet fruits like pears and figs and can make a decadent dessert. It’s also a great salad cheese.

Mozzarella: don’t put baby in a corner
Mozzarella is another one of those well-known cheeses that will never diminish in popularity. Unlike most cheeses, mozzarella is best-served baby-fresh, and many people don’t realize that it’s fairly easy to make. Fresh mozzarella is really the only kind to eat, and if you don’t have time to make it yourself, purchase it a grocery store in the butcher section. It usually is in a round ball. Mozzarella is delicious when combined simple ingredients, such as basil and tomatoes for a Caprese salad, or with anchovies on crusty bread. Bon appetite!

Disclaimer: This is a paid sponsor post, I did not write this post and all opinions are not mine!  I do have to admit that I love CHEESE and Italian food!   I hope this post is one that will inspire your cooking and kitchen times. 


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