5K and Kids Fun Run

I am probably going to sound a little too proud but oh well... Lord keep me Humble

My daughter is 8 and has been continuing to show us that she enjoys and is good at running!   We signed her up to run my hometowns 5K.  I was excited for her and didn't really know what my expectation should be... I just wanted her to have fun...

Well she ran it, she ran the entire thing!   She ran 3.2 miles in 26 minutes and 50 seconds!   26.50 that is like 2 minutes better than the 5K I did a couple years ago.  

I am so glad I told her to just go and run and that I walked with my aunt... I would have slowed her down a lot! 

She placed 25th overall and took 2nd place in the 15 and under category.   I AM SO THRILLED SHE LOVES IT AND IS GOOD!