Audio Adventure Series Review

Parents, Homeschoolers , educators time to take a moment to hear about these new audio adventure CD's to bring a new dimension of learning history!  

Take a look at this video to describe these neat new CD's.  

My Review:
I received review copies in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

First, my shipment arrived quickly and lots of fun goodies were included in my box.   I received a mouse pad, coffee mug, super nice pen, and 4 audio adventure stories.  

My children first picked the CD, "With Lee in Virginia" to listen too.  We play it in the car so it did take us a couple weeks to get through the story.   The CD's immediately captured the interest of my 5 and 8 year old.  In fact as soon as we would get in the car my kids were asking for me to turn the CD player on.   When we would return home they were slow to get out of the car as there attention was still listening to the details of the story.   The stories seem to draw you in and enough suspense was emerged throughout the story.  

The only critique I have is more information at the end to explain the historical facts a little bit more.  We love the stories and the details within them but if the ending had another recording of the events would help conversations start at the end easier.   


  1. Audio Adventures are guaranteed to hold your child’s attention for hours because they are fun and extremely engaging
  2. Audio Adventures support attention span and focus
  3. Audio Adventures teach Christian history in a fun and exciting way – kids begin to love history instead of dreading it
  4. Audio Adventures support vocabulary and comprehension and fluency
  5. Audio Adventures teach children strong moral values and biblical decision-making
  6. Audio Adventures support listening ability and conversation skills
  7. Audio Adventures helps support dynamic memory and retention
  8. Audio Adventures provide real heroes for Christian kids
  9. Audio Adventures can unlock your child’s mental potential and can even improve grades in school
  10. Audio Adventures help children develop creativity and imagination
  11. Audio Adventures teach children how to apply their faith in practical “real-life” situations
  12. Turn ordinary drive time into family fun and adventure time