Bible Review: "Kids' Devotional Bible" NIrV

Complete with a year’s worth of devotions, the Kids’ Devotional Bible, NIrV will help children develop a habit they’ll want to keep. Engaging weekday devotions, fun weekend activities, interesting illustrations, and a dictionary make this a Bible they’ll want to read and apply to their lives. It includes the complete New International Reader’s Version (NIrV)—the stepping stone to the NIV—making it easier for young readers to read and understand.

Features include:
Short weekday devotions that help young readers apply Bible lessons for a full year.
52 weekend devotions that teach kids about God’s creation through fun activities like visiting the zoo and gazing at the stars.
“Got It” feature that encourages kids to find answers to Bible trivia themselves.
Book introductions that give helpful information about each book of the Bible.
A dictionary to look up words they want to know more about.
The complete NIrV text, which uses shorter sentences and easier words. Kids can read this Bible on their own!

My Review:

I get so so excited when a new Bible comes in the mail!   I love looking through it and looking at the different translations!   This particular Bible is NiRv and it is a good one for children to read with better understanding as they read.  This Bible is a hard cover bible with over 300 devotionals inside the Bible. It retails for $27.99 on  The devotionals inside the Bible is what makes me super excited to promote it.   I truly believe that as a parent I have to model and teach my children who to dig into their Bible and let God show them something new each time.  It takes practice and it takes some patience for many.   The devotionals inside this Bible are simple.  They have a scripture reading and a couple paragraphs to help you relate to the text an then a question to get your brain thinking.   The devotional has a box to check in if you read it and it tells you what page to find the next devotional so you can easily find it. 

I have the privilege of receiving this book for free but then I get stoked to pass it along to someone else to read.   One of the ways I pass on and share the blessing of these books from Zondervan is giving them away as prizes at our monthly outreach night during our Interactive movie nights at my church.   I can't wait to see who wins this great Bible.  

Pray with me that the winner will be able to hear clearly from God and grow deeper and deeper in love with him!   AMEN!  

Thank you Zondervan for sending me a free book in exchange for an honest review.  As part of the Z Blog Squad team I enjoy the benefits of free books but I promise to always write my personal opinions as I am not getting paid! 


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