Affordable Activities for the Family to Enjoy

The words “family activities” and “affordable” don’t often go together as it seems pretty much any family outing cost a small fortune. So, what can families that are on a limited budget do if they still want to be able to enjoy activities together? Not to worry as we’ve got you covered with a variety of budget-friendly family activities.

Local Festivals

Most cities and even small towns play host to a variety of local festivals throughout the year. You’ll find artisan festivals, Christmas markets, hobby festivals, sports-related festivals, and some towns/cities even host a college fall festival to celebrate the season and the year ahead. What’s great about these festivals is that they are usually free to attend. All you will need to pay for are the purchases you make.
If the festival is more like a local fair complete with a midway and rides, be sure to check around for advance ticket offers. Most fairs will offer an advance ticket purchase that provides a substantial discount off the regular price. A ride-all-day pass is another way to save money if you plan on doing the rides.

Set Up a Fire Station Tour

Here’s an activity that young kids absolutely love and is also an educational opportunity for kids and parents. Most local fire stations will let you set up a tour or join a tour that was already planned. This is an opportunity to take a look inside a fire station, learn about what the firefighters do, and get a little lesson in fire safety in the process.

A Family Hiking Adventure

There’s nothing expensive about scheduling a family hike together! You don’t have to go far. It can be a trail at a local park or conservation area. Just be sure to pack some snacks and water to keep everyone hydrated and fuelled. You can take the hike a step further and add a challenge to it by creating a list of items the kids need to collect on the hike, almost like a scavenger hunt.

Take in a Sports Game

While professional sporting events tend to be a little pricey, especially for a whole family, there’s nothing to stop you from attending a local team’s game. Check to see what teams your city/town has. Likely there is a variety of sports all year round that you can go watch for free or for a very low price. The kids will enjoy this just as much as a professional game and you may even know the people playing!
If there is a team/sport that you and your family particularly like, then you may want to consider purchasing season tickets in advance. This will ensure you have a seat for all the home games.

No Need to Shock the Budget

Just because you and the family want to enjoy an activity together doesn’t mean the budget needs to take a hit. Instead it’s about using your imagination and learning about what your own city/town has to offer you.


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