Christmas Wish List Item: 3DLightFX

Still Christmas Shopping?  Hurry there is still time!!!  

Captain America 3DLightFX made my 5 year old super happy!  

Thanks to my mommy blog this boy got to open up a Christmas present early so mom could write the review on this really neat night light!   He was so excited to go to sleep with his new light!  He has a loft bed so this will be nice to add a little light to his steps.       

We are all giving it a two thumbs up!! My son loves that it is really coming out of the wall with the decal of cracked wall.   He also likes that it is easy to turn it on and off!  

My husband installed it and said overall it was very simple!  The only time he had to be very careful was the edges of the wall decal because it was very thin in a a few places!

There are so many other light choices from other super heroes, to Star Wars Characters, Ninja Turtles, and Frozen Characters.   I am sure your little one would be able to pick one out to add to their room.  

This 3DLightFX retails for $29.99 on!  There is probably still time to order yours in time to put under the tree!