Movie Review- "Sing"

My Review:

Christmas break always means the kids and I go see a movie.  This year I was excited to go see "Sing" and I am thinking maybe my expectation was a bit too high. 

I left the theater rather disappointed.  I think I narrowed my disappointment down to my desire to hear more singing in the movie.   Yes, I really did want to see an animal version of American Idol or The Voice!   However, we didn't get that much singing but we did get a good but slow moving story line. 

With the cast they had I really wanted to hear more songs... I know I said that already!   I'll move on!  The songs that were song were for the most part very good, they even had "Hallelujah" in it which made me JOYFUL and made me forget about the annoying rabbits who shook their butts.  

The overall theme that I talked with my kids about was setting big dreams and never quitting on dreams!  

My 5 and 9 year old both loved the movie so it is an enjoyable one to take the family too...just don't go with such a high expectation as mine.  The movie is a movie with a great story line and is not an animal episode of The Voice!   


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