Oriental Trading Christmas Made Easy!

Last week we had our Christmas Walk in our town.   We open up the church and have free cookie decorating, coffee or hot chocolate, bake sale, and Oriental Trading Christmas Craft.
The items I ordered from Oriental trading include: Candy Canes, Jesus is the Reason craft, Happy Birthday Jesus bags for the bake sale items, and other cookie exchange totes! I love how easy the crafts are... no glue so no mess and no fuss!  

We also enjoyed getting these Colors of Faith Candy Canes!  The kids who came through enjoyed reading them and a few asked some good questions about them!     

I was so excited to use these bags for our bake sale items!   There were a lot of people that commented on it and happily took their baked goods in the adorable bags!   Jesus truly is the reason for the season! 

Make sure you check out Oriental Trading's Christmas Store!