What should you do if your tap water is not hot enough?

Many of us take tap water for granted; whether it’s the cool, clear water we drink or the hot water we use for washing. But what if that hot water suddenly is not that hot anymore? If you switch on the tap one day, and the water that comes out is warm instead of hot, you need to investigate the reason. The situation is not going to resolve itself and you want to make sure that you have your supply of hot water back again, as soon as possible.
Generally, you should have your water heater set to a temperature of around 120 degrees. This setting is normally sufficient to ensure you have a supply of hot water while also making sure your energy usage is cost efficient. If your hot water supply is no longer hot enough your water heater setting is the first thing you should look at.

Why might you need to adjust your water heater setting?

You may be wondering why you would need to adjust the setting on your water heater; it should keep your water supply heated at the same temperature all the time, right? The fact is that a change in the temperature of the air can make a difference. If the weather turns cold you may have to adjust your water heater.
You should consult the manual for your water heater to learn how to adjust the setting. Generally, you will have to turn off the power and remove the front of the water heater in order to reach the thermostat, or thermostats, and make the required adjustment.

What if adjusting your water heater does not work?

If you attempt to increase the temperature of your water supply by adjusting your water heater, and it does not work, there could be a problem with your water heating system. The most common issues are a problem with the thermostat or a problem with the elements in the system.
You can proceed to check these areas yourself, or you can find a plumber in Lane Cove to help you. No matter which path you decide to take you need to make sure that you do so as soon as possible. You do not want to be without a decent hot water supply for too long.
Normally, if you notice a change in the temperature of the hot water which comes from your tap you will simply need to adjust the setting on your water heater to make a change. If this does not work then you need to find out if there is a problem with your water heating system. If you do not feel comfortable checking for issues yourself then the best thing to do is call on a professional plumber to take a look.
If you do this you should be able to get the problem resolved, and your water back to the correct temperature, as soon as possible.


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