5 Ways to Beat Depression

Depression can affect a person’s everyday life. In its mildest form, depression is a low mood that seems almost never-ending. The mental health condition can also be life-threatening, with many people feeling helpless and even suicidal. However, it is important to know there are things you can do to fight depression once and for all.
Speak to Your GP
If you think you are living with depression, one of the most important things you can do is discuss your feelings with a doctor. You may feel a little embarrassed or afraid to speak about your emotions with a professional, but they are there to listen and can provide the help you need to start enjoying life again.
A doctor may refer you to a counsellor if he or she believes you need to talk to an experienced listener, or you can choose to go directly to a counsellor yourself. Sometimes the biggest battle can be just talking about the depression, as you may feel a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders by simply talking about your problems.
TMS Therapy
Transcranial Magnetic Simulation (TMS) Therapy is an FDA-cleared safe and effective treatment for depression. Smart Brain and Health can deliver the non-invasive therapy, which uses magnetic pulses to stimulate the various parts of the brain that are associated with depression, and can improve a person’s mood and personal well-being.
A doctor may also offer you antidepressants, which can be combined with counselling. There are various medications you can take, and different people will prefer different medications, so you may have to try out different antidepressants until you find a medication that works for your mood. It is, however, essential you make an informed choice. Speak to your doctor about any side effects or concerns you may have about taking the medication.
Exercise provides a body with mood-lifting endorphins, which can be a great way to battle away depression. Start exercising daily to boost your mood and general health. The exercise could be as simple as going for a walk, working out at home, cycling in the great outdoors or spending time in the gym. There is a workout for everyone, and it could transform your personal wellbeing, so it is certainly worth trying.
Art Therapies
Art therapies can sometimes be an effective way to deal with depression, as you will enjoy a therapeutic environment alongside a qualified therapist. Just some of the art therapies you can participate in include dance movement therapy, music therapy, drama therapy and visual art therapy. You don’t have to worry about a lack of experience, either, because the aim is for you to create something so you can express your feelings without the need for words.

There is often a stigma attached to depression, but there really is no shame in seeking medical help. If you believe you could be battling with depression, or are suffering from a low mood, book an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible.


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