Scrape- A- Round Ice Scraper Review

 Some of you might have read my post a few weeks ago on the Scrape-A-Round!   I posted a video in that post and I was super excited to receive the product and try it out for myself!!  I live in Iowa so you know I have to scrape my windows almost every morning!  

After the mail came I opened the package and put them all together and it was super easy!   I reviewed the videos to make sure I knew how to use it properly.   Then I waited... when I woke up the next day I saw my windows needed scraping so I went and grabbed my new Scrape-A-Rounds and bundled up as it was cold!   I got outside and start making the circular motions.  It was clear to see I was able to get the first layer off very easily.  Then getting the next layer off become more difficult.  I moved off of the front windshield and thought well maybe my angles are all wrong since I am so short.  I moved to the side windows and still was struggling to remove all the built up ice.  I walked away feeling discouraged and disappointed in my new ice scraper.  My husband didn't believe me because he watched the video with me when I posted it last month.   He grabbed them and headed out to try it.  He noticed the same thing I did, it was easy to get the thin first layer off but took a very long time to get the other layer off.  

We tried each of the tools hoping one would make it easier to get it clear but nothing seemed to help.   Sorry Scrape-A-Round but this lady disagrees with the claim that you are the best ice scraper.  😢😢😢  I had high expectations and was really looking forward to using the product like the other videos showed. 

I did receive this item for free in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid for this and all opinions expressed are 100% mine.   


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