The Top Broadway Theatre Shows for Kids Under 12

The Top Broadway Theatre Shows for Kids Under 12

Being a parent is quite a challenge and as your children grow up, figuring out what they have an interest in gets even harder.  Children can move into sports as they get older and that seems to be the most natural progression.  Being in sports gives them something to do, allows them to become social with other like-minded children and keeps them out of trouble.  Besides sports, other interests for children under the age of 12 could involve plays or theatre in general.  If you want to see if your children are interested in activities like theatre, here are the top Broadway shows you can take them to.

1. The Lion King

The Lion king is a highly recommended show for children under the age of 12 and if they have seen the classic movie, the show is even better.  Disney’s The Lion King is a Tony-winning production that is set up to dazzle and excite those who attend.  The cast has 46 members and they all have a part in the show that pulls on the sing-a-long part of your soul.

2. Wicked

‘Wicked’ gives your child a different perspective on a classic story.  Based on a 1995 novel, Wicked brings together everything that happened before the classic movies that all of us remember seeing as a child.  From the music to the flying monkeys, children above the age of 8 will certainly enjoy the show from beginning to the end.

3. Aladdin

With plenty of upbeat music that allows you to sing right along with the large cast, Aladdin is an adaptation of the original Disney movie and will also bring plenty of laughs for the family.  Songs that we remember from the original classic like “A Whole New World” and “Friend Like Me” will bring flashbacks of the beloved film and quickly remind us all how great it was.  This production is filled with color and plenty of special effects, including fireworks.

4. School of Rock: The Musical

Do you think that your child would get a kick out of seeing a musical version of the very popular School of Rock?  This show is just like the film and follows a failed musician on his quest to bring his love of rock and roll to the students he is teaching at a refined prep school.  The show is filled with all of the music from the film, as well as a couple of new scores for the family to enjoy.
There you have it, these are four of the top shows playing on Broadway right now that you can bring your children to.  All you have to do now is plan a day you can stop by the ticket offices to get your tickets to the show.

Children that appreciate theatre, acting and plays would really enjoy all of the four shows listed here.  There is plenty of entertainment for the audience, old and young, and the shows could even spark a new interest in your child looking to nail down a new hobby.