Thoughtful Baby Shower Gifts To Make Any Mom-To-Be Smile

If you’re trying to rack your brain to come up with a thoughtful baby shower gift, you’ve come to the right place. The gifts in this guide are bound to make any mom-to-be smile. Take a look to see if there’s anything you can give!

Baby’s First Year Frame
You’ve probably seen the baby’s first-year frames before. You can get lots of different styles and sizes, but they are a great way of documenting how a baby changes over the course of the year. There are 12 spaces for each month, and it’s the parent’s job to add a picture of the baby each month. It’s insane to see just how much they change in such a quick space of time!

Kid’s Quotes Memory Book
A kid’s quotes memory book is bound to make a parent smile for years to come, as well as the child when they get older! Kids really do say the funniest things, and this isn’t a gift you’ll see very often. If you want something like this you can buy your baby shower gifts from Uncommon Goods.


Baby Shoes
Baby shoes are expensive. Their feet grow so quickly too! Any parent is bound to be really happy with a nice pair of shoes for their baby. It could even be a pair they keep as a keepsake after their baby has grown.

A Colorful Baby Carrier
Baby carriers are really amazing ways of getting from A-B. A Baby Bjorn carrier is one of the most popular out there and allows you to carry your baby on your front, so your hands and arms are free.

A Super Stylish Diaper Bag
Seeing as the new parent has to carry all kinds of things with them everywhere they go now, a super stylish diaper bag won’t go amiss. Make sure it has all kinds of compartments and lots of space so they can take it on their outings every day.


Hand And Foot Inkless Print Kit
A hand and foot inkless print kit allows the parents to make a copy of their baby’s precious hand and foot prints without the need for ink. These are a wonderful keepsake to have for life. They can be put up in the baby’s nursery, or even in the parent’s room. There are also clay molding kits they can use.

Something Handmade
If you like to get crafty, how about giving them something handmade? This shows you took the time to make something extra special for the new arrival. This could be a special blanket, or even a crocheted soft toy.


A Taggy Comforter
Taggy comforters are great for babies. They can help to soothe them when they need it, and many take theirs everywhere with them.

These thoughtful baby shower gifts should put a smile on any mom to be's face at her baby shower. Can you think of anything else to add to the list? Make sure you leave your thoughts below. Come back for more soon!