Show Your Work: Creating Displays With The Kids

Displays are something that kids love to get involved in whatever their age. Kids love to show what they have been working on and get recognition from others. To that end, below, you will find some suggestions for displays that can work in either a home or education setting, and that the kids will love to create.

Back To School Displays

Displays like this back to school bulletin board can be useful both at home and in school. In school, they are a great way of getting the kids familiar with one another and their new teachers.

At home, they can help your little ones to get back into the swing of school, and to learn the names of their new classmates.

It is also a nice activity because they get to represent themselves in art form. Which helps them to identify parts of the body. As well as particular and features such as ethnicity, hair colour and height.

Art Work Displays

Displaying artwork is also a popular activity both at home and at school. Usually, at school, your child's creations will be part of a wider display with others on a similar theme. It often does them a world of good to see that their work is good enough to be displayed alongside their peers.


At home, it is a little different, as we tend to put up all their masterpieces, no matter what they look like! The most popular position for this can be the fridge door, affixed with magnets. But a nicer and more classy way to display and keep your little one arts works is to create geometric abstracts from them.

All you need to do is take a paper shape cutter and use this on each artwork. Make sure you get your child's permission first! Then once you have a good amount of shapes, arrange them on a white or black background and stick them down. Then have this framed, and it will stand as lasting testament to their childhood and their artistic talent.

Educational Displays

It is widely known that displaying words, numbers and concepts that are important for your child to learn, helps the information stick. That is why you will find so many keyword displays in classrooms.

You can do something similar at home too, by printing out things like spellings, or countries and displaying them over the house. This works because your kids will have seen these words or sums over and over again, and hopeful unconsciously memorised them.

3D displays

Of course, the more eye-catching a display is, the more effective it will be, and the more enthusiastic your child will be in creating it. So take a leaf from a teacher's book, and create some fun 3D displays and pictures with your kids.

Great topics to concentrate on include different types of animals. The little ones will love making alligators, giraffes and elephants from toilet paper inner tubes!

Or, how about something historical like a castle or famous landmarks. If you make them from the top elevation, you can display in on the wall, as a map of the important features of such sites.


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