Things that can easily ruin your good looks

When it comes to your physical appearance, things which you need to avoid are much more important that those you need to do. Simply put, women do a lot of things that are counterproductive jeopardizing their health and beauty in the process.
This is why we made a list of 7 things that you need to avoid at all costs.

  1. Avoid using hot water for showering
There are several reasons why you should avoid hot water. First of all, it is really bad for circulation and blood vessels. It can be really troublesome during the winter as it adapts you to warmth which poses a problem when you get out. When it comes to beauty, warm water is disastrous for your skin. It completely dries it.
  1. Use body milk after showering
Even if you do not use too much hot water, there is still a chance your skin will become a bit dry after showering. Make sure to apply a thin layer of body milk on moist skin. This will lead to quicker absorption. Besides the fact that body milk hydrates your skin, it also provides important vitamins and minerals. Naturally, this makes it much softer to the touch.
  1. Be careful during combing
First of all, combing is something that you should seldom do. Although it makes your hair really nice and neat, it also destroys follicles. Continuous combing can even lead to several hair issues and primarily hair loss. Even worse thing from frequent combing is combing your hair while it’s wet. Some women do it because it’s easier. Unfortunately, it is also something that leads to split ends.
  1. Handling pimples
Women simply hate pimples and that is ok! But, you need to be very careful with them. Popping pimples is the worst thing you can do. It only increases the initial area and makes it look much worse than it initially was. Furthermore, it can lead to appearance of new ones. If you wish to handle pimples, do it naturally. One good option is to improve your diet. Exercise also helps as it regulates your sweat and makes skin nicer. Lastly, it is always good to visit seaside from time to time. Sea air can do wonders for you.
  1. Throw away expired products
There is a good reason for having expiration date on cosmetic products. As the time passes, they lose their properties and by using them, you can only jeopardize your face and skin. Have in mind that nowadays, products have various chemical ingredients. So much so, that most beauticians recommend completely switching to natural solutions. With that, we come to the next point.
  1. Try natural approach
Truth be told, our body is able to regulate most of its processes. If you have a nice, healthy diet you will also have a nice skin. On top of that, it is much better to buy natural products as body can easily absorb things it’s accustomed to.
  1. Don’t overdo it with make-up
Lastly, you should be really conservative with make-up. Although it is hard to completely eliminate it from your life, you need to use it in moderation. Also, as soon as your day is finished, make sure to remove it. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is leaving make-up on your face as you go to bed. You skin is able to absorb a lot of things including volatile chemicals. So, be smart about it.

These are the main things that will keep your face and body protected. Make sure to implement them on a daily basis!
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