Walkies! Keeping Your Dog Safe When You're Out and About

Walkies! Possibly the most exciting word in your vocabulary according to your dog. Getting out and about with Fido keeps them from getting bored and destructive, keeps them at a healthy weight and let’s face it- is good for you too! However, there are a few hazards to be aware of when you’re out of the house. Here are a few points to bear in mind about walkies to keep your dog safe and happy.

Don’t Over Exercise
All dogs are very different. Some are high energy and require long walks with lots of running to keep them happy. Others are lazier, or smaller breeds tire more quickly. So there’s no set amount of exercise every dog needs, it all depends on the individual. As most dogs are happy to exercise until they’re utterly exhausted, it’s up to you to decide what the right amount is. Too much can lead to issues such as problems with the joints, particularly in older and younger dogs.


Protect Against Fleas, Ticks and Worms
Fields, riverbeds, and woods are all awesome walkies spots where your dog can sniff and play. But these kinds of areas are prone to pests and parasites. Ticks attach to your dog’s skin and suck their blood, while they’re not painful (the creature produces a natural anesthetic) they can spread diseases such as Lyme disease so be on the lookout. Any area where slugs and snails are found can lead to heartworm if your dog decides to gobble one up. Dogs will eat just about anything so be vigilant. Check your dog over after every walk, and make sure they’re being regularly wormed and given a treatment which protects against fleas and ticks. If your dog socializes a lot with other dogs a flea treatment is essential anyway. You can find these online at places like https://www.petcarerx.com/advantage-multi-for-dogs/12968 which saves a visit to the vet. The last thing you need is them irritating your pooch and the little blighters infesting your home!

Use a Secure Lead and Collar
When you’re out in public with your dog, it’s important to keep them safe and secure. If the lead or collar breaks near a busy road, train track or other hazardous place it doesn’t bear thinking about. Don’t skimp on a lead and collar, go for good materials which you know won’t break. Using a dog harness is another good option since it’s less likely to be able to snap and doesn’t harm your dog's throat if they pull a lot. Just make sure they can’t slip it, and that it’s tightened correctly on their body. Speaking of dogs getting loose, even if you’re in a relatively safe area only ever let your dog off the lead if their recall is excellent. Due to their prey drive, it’s recommended that some breeds shouldn’t be let off the lead at all in case they attack cats, rabbits or squirrels. If you’re a new dog or puppy owner, be sure to research the breed to check if yours is one of them.


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