Ways to Keep Your Kid in Their Own Bed at Night

Do you put your kid to bed at night knowing that in a few short hours they will be climbing out of their own cozy bed and crawling into yours? Even if your child has been sleep trained, there may come a time when they start waking up and looking for mommy and daddy in the night once more. When this happens, it could be difficult for any of you to get any sleep.

So what’s the solution? There are a number of things you can do to encourage your child to stay in their own bed throughout the night. Here are some of the most effective and simplest to implement:

Sleep Training

Okay, so you’ve already sleep trained your kid, and it worked for a while, but if he or she is getting into your bed again and it’s driving you all mad; it might be worthwhile going through the process again. There are so many things, from a new routine to a house move that can upset a child’s sleep routine and make retraining necessary that you should not be overly worried. Just get back to basics and use the ‘stay in bed technique’ – an approach in which you do not communicate with your child when they play up at night. Even if they cry, unless you think they may be in real danger, you simply remain quiet. If they get out of bed, you simply take them back without speaking a single word. It might be difficult at first, but after a few nights, you will see results.

Some parents think this technique is harsh, but you are not ignoring the child out of spite; you are doing it so that they do not get the stimulation and attention they crave so that they will learn to fall back into a good sleep routine that benefits them and you.

Let Your Child Choose Their Bedroom Accessories

Allowing your child to choose things like their bedding, soft toys, and night lights will make them feel like they have some control over their night-time environment, and since they will be surrounded by things they love, they are much more likely to enjoy being in their bedroom.

Consider Putting a Spare Bed in the Child’s Room


Installing a futon and comforter in your child’s bed might be a good idea if they are having real trouble getting to and staying asleep. It gives you a comfortable place to relax and spend time with your child as they drop off to sleep and they may feel more comfortable if you are there. Once they are soundly asleep, you can creep back downstairs or to your own room for a good night’s sleep.

Try a Down Comforter

There is nothing quite so comfy and cozy as a good quality down comforter. Try replacing your child’s current comforter with a down one, and they might just be so warm and cozy that they won’t wake in the night, let alone want to get out of bed in the cold to come to your room.

If you try this trick, be sure to pay attention to down comforter care instructions if you want to avoid any mishaps come cleaning day.

Use a Nightlight

Often, your child comes to your room because they are scared of the dark. If you can install a fun nightlight in their bedroom, it may just be enough to keep them in their own bed should they wake up in the night.

Create a Relaxing Bedtime Ritual

Many mommies find that creating a relaxing bedtime ritual that they can share with their kid is a great way to get their sleep routine back on track and ensure a good night’s sleep for the whole family.

One example of a good bedroom ritual could be a hot bath, followed by a warm milky drink and a story or two. If your child has not dropped off before the end of the story, simply kiss them goodnight and leave the room. More often than not, they will one sufficiently relaxed, happy and loved to fall asleep without any worries at all.

However you try to get your kid’s sleep routine back on track, it is important to be patient and sensitive. There is usually a good reason why they are leaving their bed at night, even if you can’t see it, and it is love and kindness, not punishment and annoyance, that will get them back on track in the fullness of time.


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