Buffalo Bill Museum Free Day

Another reason my small town rocks!   Last week we went and enjoyed the annual free day at the Buffalo Bill Museum... it was Buffalo Bill's Birthday Celebration.  It was a fine celebration with free entrance, snacks, entertainment, and the ability to go view everything the museum has to offer.  There is a lot to learn in this little museum!  The kids always enjoy going on the boat and seeing the "old" or should I say "olden days" like my kids. 

While we were there this older lady was playing an older type of harp and she gave us a giggle.  She asked my kids name but instead of hearing their names correctly she heard Sarah and Tyler.   So my very polite children just went with the new names as she sang a song using their new names.  It was humorous but made me happy that they didn't make it a big deal to a nice elderly lady.   It did make for a good laugh later!  


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