Day 2 Spring Break

We are having a lot of fun and saving a lot of money.  We booked our hotel on Hot Wire and scored!  We have searched for kids eat free places and saved a lot!  We also searched for Groupons when looking for things to do.  We are rocking this trip. We are blessed to have this time together for sure.  

The City museum was worth the $12 for each person and the bruises on my knees are a sure sign of fun!!

Breakfast was a fun learning experience and a sugar rush was in full swing!  

Day two concluded with Bob Evans dinner where the kids ate for free.  We also found a movie theater with $2 Tuesday.  Score!  


DramaMama said…
Isn't that place awesome?! We have been there at least twice and can't wait to go again! I tell everyone I can about it b/c I feel it's something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime =)