Tips for Turning a Small Room into a Nursery

Many of us live in smaller homes with a box room or a tiny third bedroom. So, when it comes to adding to our families, we worry about space. Do we move to a bigger house? Or do we try to fit a nursery into the smaller room? Well, I’m here to tell you, there is an awful lot you can do with that box room. I’ve even seen converted closets house a baby!


Many smaller rooms don’t have a radiator. But, it’s incredibly important when winter comes to keep a baby’s room warm, especially while they are very young. If you’re worried about taking up wall space, see, for a huge range of different style and size options.

Light Colours

Painting the walls lighter colours, such as light blues, pinks or yellows, helps keep the room appear larger. Add colourful pictures or paintings to the wall to brighten things up. You could even add a mirror, to create the optical illusion of more space.

Use the Walls

If you don’t have much space for storage, use the walls. Make the most of the height of the room. Mount some shelves on the walls, or use upright, flat bookshelves for storage.

Multifunctional Furniture

The cot can be incredibly useful. While it takes up a lot of space in the room, it can be used for different things. Large drawers can often fit under the cot, to store changing supplies, blankets and bedding, or clothes. Then, if you are struggling to find somewhere to fit a changing table, have a cot top changer instead, that just slides under or behind the cot when it’s not in use.

Hang Things

Another option for your changing essentials is a large hanging nappy organiser, which is basically a large canvas bag, like a laundry sack, with separate compartments. You can hang this on the side of the cot, your chest of drawers, or the back of the door. Another option for clothes is adding a rail to the bottom of your shelves. This is a great space saver, and can also look very trendy. Tiny clothes are, after all, exceptionally cute.

Use the Corner

Corners of rooms are often neglected, but that’s a lot of wasted space. Add corner shelves, or invest in corner drawer units to really make the most of the space available to you.

Use Other Rooms

Remember, for the first six months, it’s recommended that the baby sleeps in your room. So, their room can start off as just storage. You don’t need to have your changing station in there. You could have it in your own bedroom; or even the bathroom if there is more space in there. You don’t need a nursing chair in there either. You can feed in any room where you are comfortable and relaxed.
Decorating and designing your baby’s nursery is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. For many women, it’s when they see their baby’s finished nursery that it all starts to seem real. So, enjoy it. Don’t worry about the small space. Instead, make the most of it.