UGEARS Mechanical Models Review

Thanks UGEARS or sending me this free tractor model in exchange for an honest review.  

I really had no idea what I was about to do and boy did I need the youtube videos to help me.  I will admit that I am only part of the way done as I realized this is not one of my strengths, looking at diagrams to put something together.  I however, want to get the review up since I have had the product for several weeks.  

UGEARS offers many different projects to put together.   I chose the tractor one because I live in Iowa and I think it is going to look great in my living room or my son's room once I complete it. 

It was easy to push the pieces out and I did use a toothpick on a couple small ones to loosen them and get them to come out.  I think the reason I struggled is mainly looking at the diagram.   I don't want to call myself stupid because I know I'm not but it took much more concentration and focus and I have been using all that brain power on my masters class right now.... seems like a good excuse right?! 

I do think older teens and adults who make the time to focus and do this will enjoy their creation.  

Thanks again to UGEARS for sending me this product and I do apologize for my delay.   I still highly recommend this product and once I get my husband motivated to help me finish I will update this post with finished pictures!   WOOT 


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