Easter 2017

He is ALIVE!  He has Risen!  Happy Ressurection day!   I hope you took some time to reflect on all the goodness that comes with Jesus and his awesome love for us and his sacrifice but also his victory!!!  


My dad and sister traveled the 6 hours south to come see us for Easter!  It is always enjoyable but also exhausting when family comes for a visit.  My heart broke a little bit this week as I felt some tension between my sister and I.  To be honest, I felt some persecution from her.  I know that is a big word and most the time you think of Christians overseas who face death for believing and living for Christ.   It is nothing of that nature but I did feel my sister trying to belittle the way I parent my children.  I didn't stop and let her know my feelings... I didn't argue.... I bit my tongue and prayed.  Prayed that she would have God encounter that would transform her life and her morals and beliefs.  I have no idea if she reads this blog so if you see this Kelly... I love you, I LOVE YOU!   I just dislike it when you state some of your opinions but I still love you and glad you came out.  I'm just being real here.  I need to be more real on my blog and really let you know my heart more.   

With family, we did enjoy many things this weekend.  We took a nice walk on Friday, we went to an egg hunt and soccer game on Saturday.  Saturday evening I tried to eat a 1 pound burger and failed!  Sunday church was amazing as 2 people got baptized! Then after my family left I even got homework done!  


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