How Do You Celebrate Independence Day?

One of the days that we all look forward to each year is Independence Day. July 4th is an important date and a memorable one in the hearts and minds of all Americans. Of course, when you have a family in tow, you will want to celebrate the day together.

As you can imagine, we all have different ways of celebrating Independence Day. How do you celebrate yours? If you don’t really do much for the occasion, you might be looking for some inspirational ideas on how you can make July 4th a date to remember in each year of your family’s lives together.

In today’s blog post, I will share with you some cool ways that you can all celebrate that day together. There are plenty of family-friendly ideas for you to consider, plus they will make sure your children won’t feel bored or cranky on the day. Check them out:

Have a barbecue

While it’s traditional to celebrate Independence Day with some fireworks in the evening, the chances are high that younger children might be frightened of the noises. Plus, it’s important to spend the day doing fun activities together, as they will most likely want to sleep come early evening!

With that in mind, perhaps one of the most fun things to organize for Independence Day is a family barbecue! If you’re not a fan of stinky fires and smelling like a cigarette, it might be worth looking at char broil digital electric smokers as an alternative.

Regardless of how you cook your food, barbecues also offer the perfect chance for everyone to be social and play fun games together. Plus, if you ask your family members to contribute some food, it will keep your grocery bills down for that day too!

Sidewalk chalk party

If barbecues aren’t your thing, why not have a sidewalk chalk party instead? Block parties are great, and it gives all the kids in the neighborhood a chance to be creative with chalk while their parents socialize with each other.

Patriotic bike parade

Do you and your family enjoy cycling? And is there often parades going up and down your town’s major roads? Why not create a street parade of your own with your bicycles! All the kids can decorate their bikes at home and then join together for a bike parade!

Get involved with some patriotic crafts

Everyone knows that children enjoy being creative and making stuff. One neat idea is to have your kids make some crafty creations with an American theme! From Uncle Sam hats to red, blue and white sparklers, there’s something for everyone when it comes to making Independence Day themed items.

Have an indoor party

Traditionally, we would all go outside to celebrate July 4th. But, if the weather isn’t favorable and you’d rather not get soaking wet outdoors, why not have an indoor party instead? The advantage of doing that is you can also do things like watch some Hollywood blockbusters or play board or table games with each other.


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