Thrifty School of Thought: A Better Education For Less


The moment you become a parent your life becomes saturated with responsibilities that go way beyond anything you had known before, and at the top of that list comes your kid’s education. Whether you like it or agree with it, doesn’t matter, getting your child a good education is the best way of ensuring they have a bright future.  

But making sure your child gets the best education possible isn’t always the most simplistic of tasks. Public schools are all too often overcrowded and private schools are, well, seriously expensive.

Luckily, there are things you can do to help your child a good, challenging and positive educational experience without bankrupting yourself, and here are the best of the bunch:


For Teachers By Teachers
We came across this website completely by accident, when we heard some teachers talking about a website called I Love That Teaching Idea, but it has proved to be one of the most incredible resources out there. Why? Well, it was originally intended to be somewhere successful teachers could share their wisdom and help other teachers learn how to give the students in their class the best education, and best experience, possible. You can imagine how impeccable the quality of this content is then. English, math, reading, writing, character-building, ideas for field trips; you name it, it has it. The best bit about this resource, though, is this: it is completely free.

Help The School Out A Little
Schools do a fantastic job with the resources they have. All of them, from elementary schools, through to middle schools and right up to high school level. Unfortunately, a lot of what these schools need aren’t covered for in their budgets, which can have a direct effect on the experience and education your kid gets. But you don’t have to just stand there and watch, you can get involved. One of the ways schools can offer better services and experiences is through fundraising events, which is something you can more than get involved with. Don’t worry if you are not an ideas person either, because there are plenty of awesome suggestions on that will help you and your child’s school better themselves and help each kid to better their future, and it will cost you nothing but your time and suggestions.

HomeSchooling Is Totally An Option
More parents than ever are going down the homeschooling route for a wide range of reasons. Some follow the thought process of Sir Ken Robinson and think that schools quash creativity, others would prefer to oversee the education their kid is getting and others do it because of bullying or personal needs. That’s where comes in. In fact, Time4Learning offer a great service for those who just want to look at ways to encourage after school help. At $20 a month, the cost is manageable, but what you get for that is amazing; an interactive interface that covers all subjects at all grades. What’s more. Your kid is in charge of the pace they learn at and, if they are struggling with something, the program will change up the wording and do all it can to help. As a parent, you’ll agree, this is amazing news.


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