Tylee's 30 Day food Challenge Completed

Well, the 30-day food challenge is over for Kiah... now if only I could stick to a healthy eating plan for that many days!   :) hahaha, I hope you're laughing with me and not at me.  

You can read my first post about Tylee's food Challenge HERE  and then my second post with a coupon code HERE!  

A huge thank-you to Chewy.com for sending me a months supply of Tylee's dog food for this review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% my own.  

So, here it is after 30 days I have had to slowly transition my dog back to other dog food.  She is pretty mad at me.  She really loved this food.  I loved her eating it as well... I think her coat was softer and shinier, I felt like she ate better, she seemed more energized, and she literally was begging in the morning to be fed.  She has never done the begging like that before... it's like she wanted breakfast right away!   So why am I not buying my own supply if I loved it so much?   To be brutally honest its money!   It would increase my budget for dog food way too much to buy a bag of Tylee's every week... she was going through one bag each week so that can make a big dent in the finance area.  The price for a bag is $34.99 or $31.49 if you schedule the deliveries. Doesn't sound like too much but sadly for my budget it really is. What do you typically spend on dog food for the month?   If you have the budget or a smaller dog who won't eat a whole bag each week then definitely order this food and take a big sigh of relief knowing you can provide top quality food for your pup.  We have been joking all month long about how our dog has been eating better than us for some meals.  


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