Natural Balance L.I.T Dog Treat Review #ChewyInfluencer


Limited Ingredient Treats are designed with a limited number of protein and carbohydrate sources. Scientifically formulated to provide high-quality nutrition and optimize skin and coat. If there's one thing Buster likes more than a snack it's a snack made of duck! Give him these grain-free bites and know that you're treating him, and his sensitive stomach, to a little taste of heaven he'll have no problems digesting. The limited ingredients are made especially for dogs that suffer from food allergies, and rosemary extract reduces sensitivity to environmental allergies, too. Crunchy, bite-sized treats clean teeth as he chews. Perfect for training!

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for all breeds and life stages of dogs
  • Made with premium quality ingredients, including potato and duck meal which provides the nutrients your dog needs to lead a healthy, naturally balanced lifestyle
  • Uses Canola Oil for a quality monosaturated fat
  • Mixed tocopherols protect dogs from eye diseases
  • Limited Ingredient Treats, made for pups with sensitive stomachs and other allergies

My Review:
Potato and duck anyone? Thank you for sending me these treats for my pup in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

First, can I just say that I am getting better pictures of my dog, Kiah!   If you have read any of my other review posts from you can see the growth of getting a good picture of her!   She is camera shy but with treat motivation, we are improving. 

So what was Kiah's response to these treats?  She loved them!  I felt like these treats were great ones to teach her some new tricks.  We tried teaching her to wait for her treat and while she could do it it was very challenging as she wanted that treat.  If I walked out of the room to see if she would still wait she would always go for the treat right away.  I guess when you love the treats you get them as fast as you can.  These light biscuits are small enough to keep some in your pocket too.   With the warmer weather coming it is nice to have incentives for her to be on a walk and be a good girl.  So she got a few treats on a walk and when she didn't pull or bark when another dog approached she would get a treat... this is something that has been worked on forever.   She just wants to play with every dog.  

On these biscuits are on sale right now for only $3.29!  Here is the link to order!  (They do offer these in other flavors aswell) 


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