Supplement Spotter Does Glucosamine work

Supplement Spotter – Does Glucosamine work?

In recent months more and more readers have mentioned that they have been trying supplements to generally improve their health, resolve pain issues or just supplement for a better diet. One of the most common supplements that crops up is Glucosamine.
It doesn’t sound particularly attractive or at all friendly, but in reality, it’s a very natural and simple supplement.
According to Rob Hobson, Head of Nutrition at Healthspan (who offer a wide range of supplements online), glucosamine is;
“a naturally occurring substance found in the fluid around our joints, the level of which drop as we age. It plays a vital role in building cartilage and is one of the most popular nutritional supplements in the UK.”

So who is Glucosamine suited for?

Ultimately, anybody who is getting older in life is likely to face some joint issues. According to Hobson, after years of use, the cartilage in our joints begins to weaken and eventually we feel more pain as the gap between bones narrows.
Anyone who has played a lot of sport or undertaken exercise in their life could be likely to experience some joint issues.
Unfortunately for us all, as we get older, our body produces less Glucosamine based proteins. So to combat this, supplements are often used to add a little more longevity to our joints.

Can’t we get Glucosamine from food instead?

Even though you can source ingredients of the supplement from the likes of corn or shellfish, very few foods actually have Glucosamine in. It’s for this reason that it’s become such a popular supplement.

How does Glucosamine Supplements work?

Users of the supplement tend to take one to two tablets every day with water (depending on the directions specified on the specific supplement packaging).
Some suppliers also provide liquid or gel Glucosamine products if you don’t particularly fancy having to take tablets every day.
Glucosamine is simply a naturally occurring sugar, and by taking the supplements you’re just giving yourself a top-up. Studies have shown that Glucosamine can help slow down the breakdown of knee cartilage and in some instances, can help provide relief to existing joint pain. This “top-up” means that joints can move freer and there’s less tension in between cartilage, tendons and bones.

Is Glucosamine safe to use?

One of the most frequent concerns voiced by readers is whether such a natural supplement is safe to take. We researched this further to make sure and found that Glucose is granted a Green safety classification by the likes of Arthritis Research UK.
Provided that you follow the recommended dosage and supplement it with all the usual advice such as exercise, balanced diet and healthy living, then it is a safe product that is sold both online and in major high street stores.

Where can I buy Glucosamine from?

As already mentioned, it’s a widely available supplement used by thousands in the UK alone. You can usually find Glucosamine tablets in health and wellbeing stores, some pharmacies and supermarket/drugstores.
However, you may be able to get a better deal by buying online from specialist like Healthspan who offer supplements such as Optiflex that are both suitable for vegetarians (as it doesn’t use shellfish) and weight for weight supplies 40% more Glucosamine than traditional sulphate based supplements.
You may also find that buying online could be up to 50% cheaper than high street stores – but do make sure you check that you don’t compromise on quality for cost.


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