Why Couple-Time is Key to a Happy Family Life

There’s nothing more fulfilling in life than being blessed with a loving spouse and children to make a house a home, and even though family life isn’t always easy or straightforward, it is rewarding.
Once a couple has exchanged sacred vows and settled into married life, most go on to welcome children into the mix and work hard to raise them in a secure and nurturing home. This can be a point in life when both time and money are in short supply, and being a couple takes second place to being a parent.

Lose the Guilt

Many parents are vulnerable to feelings of guilt if they divert any amount of attention or income from their children to their life partner, yet experts advise that families are happier overall when parents maintain a relationship which both recognizes and nurtures them as a couple, apart from, as well as a part of, their offspring.
On a daily basis, it is possible to show love and gratitude through small yet thoughtful acts such as filling the gas tank on your truck before it gets too low, or bringing home pizza when you’ve both had long days. However, planning something which involves just the two of you is the key to a truly happy family.

On a Budget

Taking time out as a couple regularly can easily be incorporated into any budget. Leaving the children with grandparents while you cook a meal together one evening provides time to talk in a relaxed environment. Just don’t forget to clear up together afterwards too!

Spend Quiet Time Together

Building a fire and spending time alone without the TV is another great way to carve out some quality time. Choose a simple activity such as reading aloud to each other, or sharing favorite Bible stories and discussing their relevance in modern life. Both of these provide focus and the chance to really listen.

Take a Few Days Away

Whether it is to mark a special event such as an anniversary or birthday, getting away from home as a couple (even for a short amount of time) is an amazing way to reconnect. You can sleep in, walk freely; with no need to stress about your child.
For the ultimate escape, choose a getaway destination which offers the perfect balance of seclusion and optional activities. A good example is https://www.chateaubeauvallon.com, an award-winning Quebec hotel which offers comfortable accommodation, a private patio – perfect for star gazing at the end of the day - and fabulous food, along with spa treatments and seasonal sporting opportunities. Spending child-free time away together makes you great role models for your children; after all, it’s the ultimate way to demonstrate the value you place on your marriage.  
It’s easy for every day to pass by in a blur of chores, work commitments, and the regular tasks that maintaining a family unit requires, so getting the balance right does take effort, but the rewards are very much worth it.