Crust Pizza Review #Pizzatour2017

Summer Time!  We are going to try some new pizza places in the area and write our review!  So this is the #Pizzatour2017 week 1! 

We were in Bettendorf Iowa and stopped at "Crust!"  I even had a coupon for a free appetizer so we got cheese curds!  These Wisconsinites sure love their cheese curds even in Iowa.  

The cheese curds were decent but not as good as some I have had in Wisconsin!   It was nice to see the white mozzarella and beer battered ones though!

This evening we decided on a thin crust.   I honestly am drawing a blank on the acutall name of this pizza... sorry.   The crust was not as crunchy as I would have preferred for my thin crust but the flavors of the pizza were still very satsifying.   We didn't have any let overs to take home.  I also enjoyed eating outside on the patio.  


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