Fun footwear for kids

Buying new shoes for the kids can be a thankless task and isn’t usually a fun way to spend the day. Most kids hate the thought of shopping and then having a complete stranger measuring their feet can be all a bit too much. However, one way of making the whole experience a lot more bearable for both you and your kids is by getting footwear that is fun. Even if you buy one pair of fun shoes and one formal pair, your kids can learn that buying shoes is not such a traumatic experience after all.

Here are a few types of fun footwear you could get:

Shoe Animals – You can get shoes that have pretty much any animal design incorporated. You can pick kitty sandals or sheep converse, doggy boots or piggy slippers. They are so popular that you can pretty much pick up any animal/shoe style combination in many shops.

Energy Lights Shoes – These shoes are so cool, and you can choose from a wide range of shoe styles and light colours/styles. The best thing about these types of shoes is that you can get a really comfortable, practical style but your kids will love them because the lighting effects are so much fun.

Twinkle Toes – If you want something a bit more subtle, Twinkle Toes are a cute form of footwear. Little girls love the twinkly lights and fun designs that companies like Skechers offer for boots and pumps.

Heelys – Heelys are the ultimate option for fun footwear. Now, the prospect of taking your children out for a walk is ten times less demanding and “boring;” with the removable, stealth wheel function turning normal shoes into a skating sensation. If you’re considering buying your child a pair of Heelys, involve them in the process of selecting a pair - offer many different designs, so the decision making process is an important one, and one you will want to get correct. Your children will love these shoes, and soon enough, no other shoe will compare.

Football boots – If you have a child that is obsessed with kicking a football around then you will know that this can wreck standard footwear. While football boots and astroturf trainers can seem like an unnecessary cost, they can save you from having to replace trainers and school shoes that get ruined before they have a chance to grow out of them. Of course, your kids will also love that they have the cool designs of football boots that are currently available.

Crocs – Not everybody loves Crocs, but for kids, they are a great way to have fun in water without the danger of hurting their feet. These days there are loads of fun styles to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about those clog style Crocs that used to be the main option. You can get Crocs with animals on, colourful Croc sandals or superhero designs amongst many others. A great way to keep your kids’ feet protected and yet they will still love to put these shoes on at every chance that they get.


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