How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

For many, pets are the first thing they get before they have a child because they’re a good way to prepare you for the time, commitment, and your ability to be a parent. Dogs are also fantastic for young children! They teach important social skills, empathy, and can give a child confidence and a sense of responsibility. They are the cutest babies that love you unconditionally. Obviously, you want them to be healthy and happy, right? You want them around for as long as they’re able to, so you must be on top of their health.

Look for the healthiest dog foods! Check the ingredients on the back, and make sure that meat is high up on the ingredients list. You don’t want to feed your dog a mostly corn or grain diet. They are very active creatures! They need their protein. You can also consider if your dog is having digestive issues, a raw food diet. There are pros and cons for this option, one being that the food is leaner and less processed; the con being that we have domesticated our dogs possibly beyond being able to eat raw food.

In the end, follow your vet’s advice! If regular dog food (and possibly some treats from your table) are good for your dog, then they’re good for your dog! Keep an eye on their weight though; you won’t want your furry friend to be overweight.

The biggest and most important thing to do to keep your dog healthy and happy is to make sure they get enough exercise! For smaller dogs, a simple walk around your neighborhood will be good enough, but for bigger, more active dogs, you might have to dedicate a few hours out of your day to let them run around and get some much-needed exercise.

Not only is exercise good for their health, but it will also allow your dog to exert itself in a healthy manner. If you keep your pet inside for too long, you might find that they become rather naughty. If your dog is misbehaving, chewing things, ripping things up, it might not be a behavior issue, but instead a need to exert some pent-up energy. If you don’t have the time to walk your dog as much as he should be walked, hire a dog walker!

Your pet’s health and happiness are key, after all.

Our pooches will get sick, just like any other animal. Take them to a vet, get them diagnosed, and then get a treatment plan. For many dogs, this treatment plan might take the form of a pill. Who here knows how hard it is to get their dog to eat their medicine? Using pill pockets for dogs is a great solution for the pesky problem. These treats allow you to insert the pill and are small enough for your dog to eat it no problem!   

Dogs are relatively easy to please. You just have to love them and make sure their physical needs are met. Making sure they eat healthily, get enough exercise, and take what medication they need, and when they need it, are all the keystones of having a happy, healthy, dog. All the cuddles, kisses, and playtime after that are just bonuses.