Teepee Joy Review

Summer sun and lazy reading days is perfect with our new TEEPEE!!!

I am loving this summer and more pleasure reading now that I am done with school!   Th kids were super excited when the Teepee came!  I was excited to have a new exciting place for them to take their checked out library books for quiet reading time!  

First thing was assembly!  I immediately reviewed the simple video below.  

So after watching the video I took the supplies outside and started to put it together.  It was simple, fast, and easy to understand! They just released the new system and it works great!  I had to put the poles together and then push it through the fabric.   once together it was tying the rope around the top.  

It was a beautiful summer day... not too hot!  So all three of us laid down and enjoyed the sounds and clouds.  

After a couple hours outside we moved the teepee inside.   They do mention that this teepee can be used inside or outside but the sun can fade the color and it is not meant to withstand the weather.  It was very simple to move it inside. Just put two of the poles pushed up against t the other two and then it is more condensed and easy carry.   Once inside the
dog thought it was her new home.  Now anytime we tell the dog to go to bed she tries to go lay in the teepee!  Teepee Joy brought my kids joy this summer and I bet your kids would be pretty excited if they got one too!  Teepee joy has several different colors to choose from.  The teepee retails for $119!  The pillows and mat do have an added cost.    

The teepee comes with four comfy pillows and a blanket. Each side of the teepee has a tie up window shade and it has ties for the front entrance. I really enjoy the color that we picked as it really matches the colors in my living room so I don't mind letting the kids keep it out.   I have had a couple friends walk in and see it and ask about it!  Everyone will want to get one for their kids when they see your got one for your kid!  So the new trend in the morning when the kids wake up is they go in the teepee and read a book or play on their tablets.  It really has been peaceful and my kids have been able to get along most of the time while being in it!  

Description: Our teepees offer kids a safe, warm, and cozy place to explore, imagine, and play. Each teepee is handcrafted and comes with four sturdy wood dowels which can stand up to your little one's enthusiasm. Setup is an easy, 1-person job, and the teepee is lightweight, making it a snap to move outdoors, or back in.

Thank you Teepee Joy for sending me a free teepee in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% my own.  


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