The Kids’ First Camping Trip: How to Make It Special

With the price of going away on vacation getting higher and higher, you’re not alone in looking for cheaper options that are just as fun. Many people are now looking at taking their children camping instead. It’s a great way to bond as a family and to explore the great outdoors. Plus, you’ll be doing loads of exercise, getting plenty of fresh air, and enjoying your surroundings. You won’t be paying for extortionate flights or hotel rooms, and nor will you have to find expensive activities to keep the kids occupied. You can also forget about the stress of packing for a flight – you can normally find awesome places to camp within a few hours’ drive of where you live. Any camping trip is going to be lots of fun, but here are a few ways to make it even more special.

Get the right equipment

A lot of people get put off by camping because of the uncomfortable beds, sweltering tents, and lack of facilities. So, before you go, try to find the best of what you can afford. It might be as simple as investing in a few blow-up air mattresses, or you might want to splurge out and buy camp beds. Get a high-quality tent regardless: if it rains, you won’t want to get wet. You can buy tents with multiple rooms so you can have a separate room from your children, while also having a joint central living space for storage and relaxing. Likewise, a big marquee will help keep you sheltered from rain or the sun, and means you can still sit outside even if the weather isn’t agreeable.

Eat nice food

If you went camping as a child, you’ve probably got horrific memories of eating cold beans out of a tin pan that took hours to warm up. Well, in this day and age, you can have lots of fun with how you eat. These easy camping recipes will give you a good idea of what to try. Just maybe have a practice before you go, so you aren’t all left starving if it goes wrong. Plus, having the right equipment is vital: don’t scrimp when it comes to cooking apparatus. Most importantly, don’t forget the ingredients for S’mores!

Plan fun activities

Now, depending on your budget, you might want to either just book activities in the local area; you might want to make them all up yourself, or you might want to combine a couple of options from each. The first thing to do is to find out what’s on offer where you’re going. If it’s quite expensive, maybe try to pick one organized activity for the children to do, like a guided tour of a cave; a horseback ride through the country; or having a go at rock climbing. Then you’re free to make up some of your own activities. This might be finding safe, clean rivers and lakes to swim in, going on an adventure, hiking in the woods with a pre-laid treasure trail, or going on walks around fun, beautiful scenery.


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