3 Wonderful Vacation Spots to Take the Kids this Summer

Not every holiday destination is perfect for kids. Some are more adult-oriented with little to interest small kids, pre-teens or teenagers. It’s true that trying to get the kids away from their PlayStations and smartphone devices to look around and see the world is a little harder than it used to be, but natural wonders and interesting activities designed for kids work well.

Here are three wonderful vacation spots to take the kids this summer. 

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a spectacular gorge that runs 6,000 feet down in parts and spans 277 miles in length. You can go with the kids and stare at it, but it’s also fun to be more active in the area. Biking at the South Rim using rented bikes from Bright Angle is one option. Another is to go on a managed hiking tour through the canyon led by qualified Rangers. Learn about lizards, see fossils, and take in this foreboding landscape as you explore more of it on foot. 

Choose some events that run near the Grand Canyon and other local cities for a big surprise to wow the kids. Affordable event tickets put you in perfect seats when you book ahead of your trip and come prepared. When choosing an age-appropriate event that’s popular with children, you’ll win brownie points for sure.

This trip is best for grade-schoolers and teens.

Yellowstone National Park

The Yellowstone National Park is a real treasure that spans across parts of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Yellowstone was actually the first designated national park in the USA. It also has the most geysers in a single location than anywhere in the world, so anyone who enjoys hot springs in an array of colors, mud pools, and water shooting out of the ground every hour or so, will find happiness here.

The hot springs, including the well-known Morning Glory Pool, are an easy stroll. Fans of hot springs won’t know which one to try first. Wild animal lovers will also enjoy their visit because wolves, bison, elk, bighorn sheep and bears roam in these parts. 

This trip is best for grade-schoolers.

Dinosaur Valley State Park

The Dinosaur Valley State Park is based in Texas where nothing is ever small. T Rex and many other “dinos” once roamed in this area and preserved tracks make it clear where they walked. There are Rangers who lead groups to the Paluxy riverbed. The summer is the ideal time to visit because the water is at its lowest and you won’t get too wet. It’s a good idea to wear a bathing suit or swimming trunks under your clothes to give you the option to go for a swim where the water is deep enough.

The dinosaur footprints seen in this national park were made by three-toed meat eaters, duck-billed ones, and some Brontosaurus’ too. It’s possible to swim to the Blue Hole where you can observe the tracks that remain there too.

This trip is best for grade-schoolers.

These are some lovely places to visit with the kids. They’re big spectacle places that will grab their attention away from their digital devices when they see what’s in store for them.


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