5 Best Products for New Breastfeeding Mamas

For any mother who has tried to breastfeed, you know that it can be a rewarding and precious bonding experience with your little one that provides them with amazing, natural nutrition. At the same time, it’s a journey that can be filled with sore breasts and nipples, and can be more challenging to do than it looks.

There is a lot of focus on baby when they first enter our world, and rightfully so! But today, we want to share some top-rated products specifically to help moms and their ever-changing breasts on their breastfeeding and motherhood journey.

Breastfeeding can often mean sore, cracked nipples. Honest’s Organic Nipple Balm is made without lanolin, is hypoallergenic, certified organic, and designed to be used during nursing. You don’t need to worry about wiping it off before nursing your little one. I’m all about having one less thing to worry about!

Nursing bras do not have to be unattractive or uncomfortable. ThirdLove’s new nursing bra—with or without underwire—is designed to be worn all day without sacrificing style or fit. Reviewers rave about how comfortable it is and ThirdLove’s signature half-cup sizes mean you can find a bra that fits like a glove.

3. Medela Nipple Shield – $9.19

No two breasts are the same, not even your own! For mothers with flat or inverted nipples, or for a baby having trouble latching, Medela’s nipple shields can be used to help baby stay latched and happy. These shields can also help moms and babies who are rotating between bottles and breast.

Have your nipples ever been so sore that it hurts for even your clothing to touch them? Lansinoh’s Soothies Gel Pads can help with that. These pads provide cooling relief and contain healing lanolin, and are also made with a fabric backing to protect your nipples from rubbing your clothing. They can be reused for up to 72 hours and are vegan (but don’t eat them).

For the eco-friendly mama, washable nursing pads are a simple way to reduce the amount of disposable items that babies often require. Bamboobies’ nursing pads are washable, absorbent, soft, and created with a protective liner to prevent embarrassing spots on your favorite blouse while you’re out and about in between feedings.

6. Bonus Tip: Find Your Local La Leche League

Mamas, breastfeeding isn’t always a walk in the park, and that’s okay! There is no better way to learn tips for breastfeeding than to get the support from other breastfeeding mothers to keep you motivated and happy throughout this journey with your little one. Use their website to find your local League today.

Whether this is your first time breastfeeding or you consider yourself a seasoned veteran, encourage other mamas and keep going—you’re doing great!

Did we miss any must-haves? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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