6 Common Household Problems (And How to Fix Them)

We work so hard to create a beautiful, functional home. Unfortunately, unexpected issues can sometimes stand in the way of a happy home life. We are therefore looking at six of the most common household problems and how to fix them.
  1. Dirty Windows
Nothing can ruin a stunning view quite like dirty windows. All it takes is some raindrops to fall onto your window to create unwanted stains on windows, which can prevent natural light from entering the room. When this happens, we recommend filling a spray bottle with white vinegar and spraying it onto your windows. Allow the vinegar to sit on the pane for a few minutes before wiping the glass clean with a microfiber cloth. You’ll restore your view in less than half an hour.
  1. Messy Electrical Wires
Nothing can ruin an interior design quite like messy electrical wires, which are essential yet unsightly. Don’t allow loose wires to destroy your d├ęcor and look for a handy solution. For example, you can cover up the cords with a handy piece of molding so they will not detract from your stylish interior.
  1. Broken Air Conditioner
An air conditioning unit is a must-have during hot summer months. Unfortunately, unless they receive regular maintenance checks, it could be a matter of time before they stop working or decrease in performance. If you have a poor performing or broken AC unit, we recommend turning to Heating and Air Conditioning services, who can repair an AC unit to its former glory.
  1. Stains on a Carpet
A wine stain on a carpet will stand out for all the wrong reasons. It takes just a matter of moments to do, but it can be a lot more challenging to remove. Instead of changing your carpet, the best solution might be to buy or rent a steam cleaner, as the steam can help remove a stubborn stain from a carpet with ease.
  1. An Ant Infestation
Once one ant has invaded your home, you can almost guarantee there will be hundreds more just waiting to enter your home. You’ll spot them crawling along the kitchen counter, making their way into the cabinets or entering your stove. If you are experiencing a red or black ant infestation, you would be wise to set ant traps, lay granules or use sprays to prevent the ants from taking over your home and destroying your food. Try to stop an ant infestation as early as possible to ensure it doesn’t grow out of control.
  1. Door Issues

Are you struggling to close your bedroom door? If so, your best option might be to replace your door frame. You might also need to remove the door, followed by the trim to replace the jamb. While it might sound stressful, it will be worth it to enjoy a little more privacy within the home. Hire a professional if you lack the confidence to do the job yourself.