Go Pack Go- Family Fun Night 2017

We finally can cross this off our bucket list!   I have wanted to bring the kids to Lambeau Field for a long time.   I still want to take them to a real game but that will take some time and saving! 

We started our afternoon with a walk and then tailgating right by Ray Nitschke field where they practice.  Yep, the two kids think they are models, I love them! 

The clouds started coming and it looked like a small storm might hit us so we headed to the field.   Good thing because it did start raining, however, we were stuffed like sardines inside the atrium.  Once we got to our seats it was beautiful! 

Loved the lighting with the flag during the National Anthem!  It was so beautiful! 

How beautiful was this rainbow?   It was amazing!   I hope my children remember it forever!   I know I will.   I am also so thankful to have spent some time with dear friends Jake and Laura.  We love them and they helped us get the tickets and stay at their house and fed us all weekend.   We were blessed!   We love you guys!  


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