Last Chance Summer Fun- TEA PARTY!!!

Smile if you don't want summer to end!!!  Ok, even I am having a hard time getting in the back to school routines and letting summer end.  Yep, teacher talking here! 

So we had a few kids over for a tea party.  Our church is getting closer to launching a tea house...I'm so ready for it to open!! So what better way to get some of the kids and church people excited but with a tea party! 

There are several ways to brew tea just like there is coffee.  We had some fun showing the kids how to make tea.  We love using the loose leaf teas and having them taste it without adding sugar or honey to it.  I'm sure many of them would have loved it more had we added the extras.   

What do you need with tea?  Cookies of course!   I will admit that these are all store bought.  I tried a recipe for Portuguese tea cookies and I had a major fail.  :( I am going to try again but the kids enjoyed the variety we picked out.    

Some kids dunked their cookies in the tea! 

Aren't they the sweetest group ever!  :)  Enjoying tea and sandwiches and cookies! Smile pretty! 

Oriental trading hooked us up with the right supplies for our party.  We got some tea mints, tea cup lollipops, tea cup flower planters, and a tea cup bean bag toss.  

 The kids loved these tea mints.  There were several different flavors too so it was a surprise when they opened a new one and saw a different color. 
 Who knew you could order tea cup lollipops?   These were so adorable and the kids enjoyed them.  Just look at their silly pictures below eating them!  I think we might have to order more of these to sell at our shop! 

So sadly our party had to move inside due to rain.  

Painting Time
I have to tell you that these flower planters are going to be so adorable.  They did finish painting them but I have to pick up more planting dirt so we can plant some succulents in them.   I like how the set comes with a plate and tea cup.   The bottom of the tea cup does have a drainage hole which I think will help the parents since succulents don't need much water it can drain appropriately.  

Are you planning a party soon?   Make sure you get all the party essentials you might need for one stop shopping.  

Any other ideas I could add to a tea party?   Maybe some face painting?  Maybe some more tea education?  Comment and let me know what else I should add to our tea parties.  :) I appreciate the comment love! 


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