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Selling the family home – first impressions last!

If you’re planning to put your family home up for sale now, or in the future, you may be worried about how quickly it will go – if at all! Yes, you need a good real estate agent to do the business, but you also need to make sure that your property is looking great to maximize your chances of getting a buyer. That doesn’t mean you must spend thousands of dollars on new decor and furnishings, but some little changes here and there could make the difference between a deal or no deal. Here are some top tips to help your home sell.
Go from the outside in
The first thing a potential buyer is going to see when they pull up outside your home is your front garden, if you have one, and your front door.
If you have grass and flowers, make sure the lawn is mown and everything else is looking neat and tidy. Weeds, overgrown areas, and dead flowers don’t give the best first impression! This obviously goes for any rear yard too.
At the front, make sure your entrance door is looking good – no big chips or lumps of paint missing, or numbers which are falling off.
Inside your home
If you’re painting the inside of your house ahead of putting it up for sale, it’s best to go for some neutral colors throughout – so you stand the best chances of not putting off a potential buyer. Striking colors may not be to everyone’s taste!
If you’re not going for a complete re-paint, you need to at least ensure the walls are clean and any marks are removed or painted over.
It goes without saying that your carpets, or rugs, need to be in great condition too. They need to be clean and well vacuumed - and get rid of any pet hairs! You should think about carpet dry cleaning to help you achieve best results.
This is all about making a positive impact on those looking around your home – they will only tend to see what is directly in front of them, and it needs to be up to the quality they would expect.
Clean, clean, clean!
It’s not just the carpets and walls that have to be clean, make sure everything else makes a good first impression too!
Dust off the furniture, pictures on the wall and make sure your kitchen and bathroom are sparkling, and make sure there are no surprises if someone opens a cupboard
If you have loads of furniture in your house, try to remove some of it and put it into storage. Potential buyers don’t want to see cluttered rooms.
Also, think about removing any personal items, so that you give potential buyers that neutral environment. Personal items will appear to be just like clutter too many.
Dress it up!
Putting a few finishing touches to your home could help make the difference. In the bathroom, for example, display some nice clean fluffy towels. And some new toiletries, including soap.
Elsewhere in the house, you could put flowers on your dining room table or in a window setting. They make the house look fresh and looked after.
Before the potential buyers turn up, put some coffee on as the smell of fresh coffee can also help create that great homely atmosphere!


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