Freeloader Review with Coupon Code!

The First Child Carrier Built Specifically for Toddlers! A New, Better Child Carrier built to ensure the entire family can join every adventure!
Compact, lightweight and portable, the Freeloader child carrier uses advanced materials and design to create a better experience for parents who love spending time with their kids. Whether you are traveling by air, going to the zoo, or hiking with your little ones, the Freeloader is ready to help carry the load. When not in use, the Freeloader's integrated aluminum seat folds up neatly to the size of a daypack.
The Freeloader is a perfect fit for parents that want a lighter, more versatile carrier.
The Freeloader features an easy-to-use, 5-point safety harness. The safety harness is specially designed to fasten securely and safely out-of-reach of your child.
The Freeloader provides wide, ergonomic shoulder and waist straps to evenly distribute your child's weight to your hips and core. The contoured shoulder straps are adjustable and provide extra padding for comfort and support. Padding in the back panel and seat offers extended comfort for your child.
The Freeloader is small enough to carry-on and stows away neatly, making it perfect for air travel, road trips and more.


  • NEW Stirrups for foot support on every carrier!
  • Ergonomic waist and shoulder straps to evenly distribute weight to the body's hips and core
  • Open back design helps maximize airflow to keep your back cool and dry
  • Easy-to-use, 5-point child safety harness
  • We only use lead-free and phthalate-free nylon materials
  • Lightweight, strong and portable
  • Meets or exceeds all CPSC standards


    • Product weight: 5.8 lbs.
    • Carrying capacity: 25-80 lbs.
    • Minimum Age: 2 ½ years
    • Standing height: 33"-50" tall
    My Review
    I know my 6-year-old should really not need a carrier but I wanted to review this item so I could pass it on to a friend.   Let me be really honest for a minute though... even today at the apple orchard I did end up giving my 6-year-old a piggyback ride so I guess this would have been so much handier.  He is only 34 pounds... (he has my genes) so it wasn't challenging for me to carry him.  The only thing that was strange was I'm short and he has some length so we look a little silly in the pictures.  The Freeloader is an extra tool to help parents get out and do more with their kids!  Kids are easily tired so providing a time for them to rest will provide the family with more memory making.  

    So this particular day we put this on we had a long day in the sun and I wanted to water all the flowers at church.   So we opened the box and put it on.   It took no assembly and really just a couple buckles and we were off doing the gardening tasks.  Titus even held the hose and did some watering.  He is 6 so he was able to clearly communicate that the Freeloader is comfortable!  He has even asked to use it a couple times for a family walk but I told him he was a big boy and could use the walking.  

    What I really like about this product is the ability for the child to cuddle up in the back and get rest.   It is harder for toddlers to find comfort in carriers but this one Titus said he could fall asleep if we kept going! 

    So, I have officially given it to a friend who has a newborn and a toddler.  I image they will get some great use from it! I will try to post some pictures after my friend uses it for her daughter.   

    10% off your Freeloader Child Carrier! Take your children on the adventures of their dreams! .

    Thanks you USFamilyGuide and Freeloader for sending me this product for free in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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