How to get you and your family autumn ready

What it’s that time of year already? How does Fall come around so fast every year? It seems like summer passed in a matter of minutes. That said, are you ready for all the family gatherings, celebrations and milestones that autumn has in store for you? Even if you aren’t much of a planner, wouldn’t it be great to be ready for Fall this year? In fact, you could even get the whole family involved too. So be prepared to sort out your wardrobe, tackle those chores that you’ve been delaying and making time to check that you are in the best of health ready for those colder autumn days.

Wardrobe refresh
Failing to sort out your closet is something that we are all guilty of, but why not make an exception this year. Your wardrobe could be harboring a whole range of outfits that you’ve forgotten about, or pairs of boots that will serve you well for when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Don’t feel that you must splurge on a new Fall wardrobe, when you can easily make do and mend with the clothes that you have at the moment. So, get thrifty and darn your much-loved coat or give those boots a new sole if you feel they can last another Fall.

Sometimes you do have to splash out on a new item of clothing for yourself and the family. While it’s important to look your best, do make sure to choose practical pieces that can be easily layered.  If you’re on a budget, why not use up your store cards or trade in points for clothing credit.  Some websites even let you sell gift cards online to free up some extra income for an item of clothing that you truly need.

Have a health check
As the leaves fall off the trees, you can be assured that those little sniffles and seasonal bugs are sure to wreak havoc on your health. However, why not make a difference this year and book in for a seasonal health check to get you all in the best of health? Consider adding a vitamin C supplement into your diet to keep your immune system fully functioning, and don’t forget to buy in some cough medicine just in case. Do take any advice from your local medical professional on board, and be sure not to scrimp and save on those essential meds.  Good health begins at home.

Eat for the season

It can be easy to let your diet and nutrition plan slip by the wayside during Fall, with all those huge Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas feasts on the horizon. However, eating well for autumn need not make a huge dent on your bank balance. Check which fruits and vegetables are in season and be sure to incorporate these into your family dinners. Be sure to continue eating those essential fatty acids, good for your digestive and immune system. Keep a tab on all the sweet treats and candies the kids are eating too, as they can wreak havoc on little stomachs.  Remember that moderation is key, so you don’t need to deny yourself the occasional treat.


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