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How to Prepare for Fall and Winter

It’s the beginning of the end for summer, and soon its fall’s turn before winter. How do we say goodbye to the sun, the blue skies and warmth, though? The transition can be hard for some, especially those who enjoy the heat too much and who suffer as soon as the leaves turn orange and red. Burnt orange does not keep us warm, instead we need coats, jumpers and jeans: thick socks are optional but recommended. Here’s how to best prepare for fall and winter.
Head to the Stores
Don’t leave it too late. Head to the shops or go online and order a couple of jumpers and browse the range of coats available. Fall still has the potential to be mild, but the breeze can bring a chill. Therefore, a selection of layers of clothing could be an ideal solution to such a dilemma. Swap out your sandals for sneakers and boots; bare legs for tights, and sleeveless tops for those with sleeves. Layer up, and when winter arrives, put on your thicker jumpers and coats.
When buying new clothes, stay away from cotton, as cotton absorbs sweat and keeps the moisture on your skin. This will keep you cold. Instead, buy clothing made from fleece, wool and down. If you’re someone who gets too warm often, layering allows you to better control your body’s temperature.
Discover New Recipes
Sit with your cookbooks or research online to find new and exciting recipes to try throughout the colder months. Local produce will change, and try to cook with seasonal ingredients for a fresher taste. Think stews, soups, roasted vegetables and risotto for fall, and pot roast, pies, pasta and macaroni cheese for winter. This is the time for comfort food that warms you from inside out. When the temperatures drop, we rarely wish for a salad, so make sure you and your family are fell fed and full during the colder months.
If you’re blessed with a fireplace, this is the time to take campsite S’Mores from the outside into the inside. With your supervision, teach your kids how to melt marshmallows and chocolate over the flames of your fireplace, and enjoy an alternative, camping feast. To keep the spirit of summer alive, have a slumber party in the living room. Make sure to teach your children that they’re not allowed to touch the fireplace without your supervision.
New Bedding
Replace your bedding, or if you only sleep with a sheet during summer, put the quilt back on the bed. Again, you’ll want to invest in quilts which are ideally made from down, however, most quilts are thick and can keep you warm enough. For extra warmth, buy a few blankets and keep them on the bed. Open them out when you first get into bed, and if you become too warm, pull them to the side.
Check Your Heating
This is the time to check that your heating still works to the best of its ability. Before the temperatures drop, turn it on and check that the thermostat works and the furnace is fully functioning. If it doesn’t seem to reach its max temperature or isn’t working at all, call in the professionals such as You don’t want the risk of having to survive the cold while you wait for the repair services to arrive at your front door. Prepare, so you and your family can be blissfully warm from the first day of winter.
Glance Over Your Vehicles
Like your heating, you’ll want to have a mechanic inspect your vehicles. Things to look out for are your heaters, antifreeze concentration, car battery and tires. If you live in a rural area that is prone to snow, then you will want to swap out your summer tires for ones that are more appropriate, such as studded snow tires. Invest in a spare just in case of any emergencies or accidents. Make sure that you have equipment with you so that you can manage if you get caught in a blizzard.
If your teenager drives, and this is their first time driving in snow, teach them how to spot black ice and drive properly in icy conditions. As you would with your own car, load them with a shovel, snow brush and ice scrapper.
Consider Your Pets
Like you, your pets will also struggle with the change in temperatures. Make sure they have a place to sleep and keep nice and warm during fall and winter. Whether it’s a kennel for your dog, or a bigger and thicker bed for them to sleep in within your home, ensure they are snug and warm.
Cats will want to wonder outside at times, and dogs will need to be let out, so create a place for them to sit and be sheltered from the wind. Also stock up on feed and increase their daily intake, as your pets will burn more calories trying to keep warm. For animals such as horses, they adapt pretty well to weather changes, however, add more straw to their bedding, fix any drafts in their stables, and buy a new blanket for them to wear while they’re out in the field.
Prepare for Snow Days
If you live in a place known for heavy snowfall and have kids, you’ll want to prepare for snow days. Your kids will be excited at the prospect of having a day off school, however, this means you need to keep them entertained. If they want to play outside, make sure they wear the right clothing to limit the risks of them becoming ill. Have them be extra careful and teach them to avoid black ice. Not only is slipping over embarrassing, but it can also be extremely dangerous.

However, the most important element of fall and winter to prepare for, is the fun to be had. Come up with activities such as sledding, snowball fights, apple picking and pumpkin carving. Make sure you enjoy each and every season.


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